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A private, 501 (c)3 organization dedicated to expanding the cultural and educational horizons for youth in underserved communities.

Founded in 2020 by CEO Felicia Seamón, The Seamón Family Foundation's mission is to address the lack of art programming and support, business development, and mental health awareness in struggling communities by utilizing a community development approach, in partnership with agencies and organization that share its purposes.

WMBrown Memorial
Scholarship Fund


1st WMBrown Scholarship Meeting 

Sunday, 10/10/2021 at 2 pm EST (via Zoom Link

ALL DONORS may attend. Click Here for Agenda 


We will commemorate the life of Wadiya Maria Brown through this fundraiser by Felicia & Jermaine Seamón, who will also celebrate their 20 years of #blacklove & marriage, from their 1st meeting at the 1st HBCU, CheyneyUniversity, with their friend Wadiya. Jermaine & Felicia will donate all gifts to the WMBrown scholarship.

The WMBrown Memorial Scholarship Fund will encompass multiple scholarships for inner-city youth, in celebration of Wadiya's lifelong love and support of education, as well as to increase mental health awareness & support, as the lack thereof attributed to her death.


Your tax-deductible donation (in lieu of anniversary gifts) will support the WMBrown inaugural fundraiser and scholarship presentation. Learn more about our Art Auction here. 

Seamón Enterprises and Family Foundation
Arts & Business Mentorship Program 

In pursuit of our mission, The Seamón Family Foundation has partnered with the Blackberry Arts Collective to create the Arts and Business Program and Showcase, a project that will employ its strategic partnerships with Art & Business Professionals, Community Educators, Organizers, and College Students.


These individuals will provide registered program participants with a reliable community workshop mentor model that will bring awareness and education of various genres of arts and business interests to residents in Beltline communities. 

Program Goals
What's Offered

To engage registered program participants with a reliable community-workshop mentor model, to bring awareness and education of various genres of art and business interests to residents in Beltline communities. 

How to Attend

The program workshops are COVID-safe and will occur over a period of 8 weeks both online and in-person, ending with a rewards ceremony/exhibit.


Workshops will be an hour long and will be held 2 times a week. 

Meet the SFF Approved Mentors

Nika Luckett
Georgia State College
Interior Design Program
Renee Brown.jpg
Renee Brown
& Playwright
e48d4573-_2 (1).JPG
Nicole Ndlovu
and Freelance Writer
Bashiyra Atiya.jpg
Bashiyra Muhammed
Bashiyra Atiya Productions
Katonya Leach.jpg
Katonya Leach
CEO, Mother James Herb & Body Company





The Seamón Family Foundation is a 501 (c)3, that is committed to Social & Financial Investment in Arts & Culture, through youth, parental and community education and empowerment; while also working with partnering agencies to increase mental health awareness, prevent bullying and hate. 

Program mentors come from a wide variety of creative, educational, and entrepreneurial backgrounds.  As such, there are 8 tracks offered in the program.


These are: 

  • Community Music & Film Production for Beginners

  • Kids Addressing Adversity Together

  • Digital Media & Visual Arts for Beginners

  • In-Home Interior Design for Beginners

  • Beltline Photography 101

  • Nasdaq, DOW, and S&P for Beginners

  • Financial Literacy for Kids by a Kid

  • Creative Chemistry as a Business

Felicia Seamón
CEO, Seamón Enterprises & Entertainment CO. 
Fitzgerald Grant1.jpg
Fitzgerald Breland
CEO, Breland's Universe
Dane Brown.jpg
Dane Brown
Lucretia Meadows Photographer (1).jpg
Lucretia Meadows
_Jordan JK Seamón.jpg
Jordan Seamón
Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 3.01.14 PM.png
Allana Caslin
CEO, Skin Be Well
and Hair Be Well
_Caden Harris_edited.jpg
Caden Harris
CEO, Caden Teaches
_Nika Luckett.jpg
Nika Luckett
Georgia State College
Interior Design Program
Robin Scott-Johnson.jpg
Robin-Scott Johnson
Sydnee Elise Brown
Actress & Entrepreneur
Lakia McLeod
& Web Design
Miki Young-Brown
Entrepreneur, Agent & Manager


Thank you for being a loyal supporter of PHA’s and Michelle Obama’s historic Pass the Love w/ Waffles + Mochi campaign. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and The Seamón Family Foundation for your generosity.

    -Ashley Shearer,

Partnership for a Healthier America

Click Here to download the Blackberry Arts Collective Agenda. 

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